Trail to terroir, Kelsey is a buzz for the bountiful Pacific Northwest. Growing up in Olympia, Washington along the shores of the Puget Sound and evergreen forests of the Cascades Mountains, she learned to love the outdoors at an early age. From her parent’s backpack as a babe to donning her own, Kelsey summited her first mountain at age 11 and then continued to explore the region one hike at a time. Yet while earning her B.A. in Journalism at the University Oregon, she fell head over hiking boots for a new taste of adventure, wine and travel. From her first glass of bubbly in northern Italy to the wild vineyards and varietals of Cape Town, South Africa and rich, savory Pinot Noirs of Oregon, Kelsey loves to share the grape story and the people behind it.

Currently, Kelsey works as an “Escape Artist” and logistics specialist for Evergreen Escapes in Portland, Oregon. When not in the vineyards or forests, Kelsey spends most of her time freelance writing, taking photos or training for her next half marathon.

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