Ethos Magazine

Ethos is a nationally recognized, award-winning student publication. Since its inception as Korean Ducks Magazine, the students worked hard to share a multicultural spirit with its readership throughout the University and Eugene community. Ethos is, after all, defined as the fundamental characteristic of a spirit, people or culture.

Throughout the pages you’ll find unique, multicultural stories ranging from Eugene restaurants to international human rights debates. Readers pick up Ethos to explore ethical, journalistic story telling, beautiful photography and illustrations, and innovative designs. Ethos embrace diversity in its stories, in its student staff, and in its readership.

Writing Clips

As the Riots Raged
Caught in the smoke and rage of the Greece riots, Kelsey challenged her identity as an American journalist and student abroad. Published in Fall 2009.

Not-to-Be-Forgotten Sports Memorabilia
The NFL and World Vision partner together to donate T-shirts to children in third world countries. Published in Winter 2010.

All Eyes on South Africa
South Africa kicks around controversy over the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Published in Summer 2010.

Design Clips
Coloring Campbell Club
Published in Winter 2010, pg 36-37


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