Northwest Wine Anthem

Northwest Wine Anthem is an online wine blog focusing of the the vineyards, terrior, wineries and wine producers of the Pacific Northwest.

Writing Clips

Explore the South Willamette Valley During June’s Barrel Tours

The South Willamette Wineries each summer play host to hundreds of hungry wine connoisseurs. Board a deluxe bus and let your worries melt away while you sip and savor the region’s wines. Published June 13, 2011.

When It Rains, It Pours Pinot Noir

Sipping through the South Willamette Wine Country on a barrel tour. Published Jun3 24, 2011.

Harvest Time in the Willamette Valley: Abbelone Vineyards

Just a few days before Halloween, Abbelone Vineyards in the South Willamette Valley harvested with scary potential. Published November 7, 2011.

Father and Son, Brigadoon Winery

Just past where the road ends in a tree-filled cove of the southern Willamette Valley, Brigadoon Wine Company grows vines like family with family. Published January 30, 2012

Wandering the North Willamette Wine Trail

Even in sopping rain and flooded fields, nothing stopped tasters from hitting the trail to good wine. With doors wide open for two days – even through storming weather and high water – the wineries of the North Willamette Valley showcased their best bounty in an effort to warm those wandering wine fans. Published April 10, 2012.

Thank Goodness for Fridays in Eugene

No need to whine on Friday night after work because the wine options are pouring around Eugene in the South Willamette Valley. As the evening settles in around the region, six wineries roll out the night stars and Pinot Noir to savor the real beginning of the weekend. Published September 4, 2012.

The Salud 2011 Barrel Auction

Lifting its glass to the health of Oregon’s seasonal vineyard workers and their families, the wine community joined forces this weekend at one of the most successful and longest running industry fundraisers. The ¡Salud! Auction. Published November 13, 2012.


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